Creative Pluralism

Creative Pluralism

I like to lecture people. adidas cloudfoam hombre I do. I like to pretend that I’m wise and and that my opinion is something respected. scarpe nike air max bambino scontate So this is what I’m going to do: I’m going to write an article and post it. Nike Nettbutikk This is what you’re going to do: You’re going to sit there and read it, dammit. My advice has value! *clears throat* Something that I find to be common among the Preachers of the Internet is that when giving writing advice, they give pretty much useless advice. adidas gazelle donna Why? Because they give advice on how to be creative. nike air max tn hombre This doesn’t work. The creative process is a highly individualized process. I am, in a nutshell, a creative pluralist. Do you usually have everything planned out before you write? Or is it something you’re going to do because you received advice like that? I mean, if you like to spend a whole lot of time plotting it before hand, and that makes it easier for you, great. But if you have to FORCE yourself to plot, well… I would suggest you try writing by the seat of your pants. Take me, for instance. I do a little bit of a mix. I spent about a year and a half crafting the mythos for something that I write on occasion (Pillar of Heaven, for interested parties) before I had any idea of where I was going with it. I would come up with plots every now and then, but none of them held any weight. But when I came up with a basic premise for the plot- the beginning and the end- with a few twists, I pretty much stopped plotting. I got a basic idea of what I was going to do with a few characters, who they were and whatnot, but my background-work stopped there. Ever since, I’ve been writing as I go along, with a general direction kept in mind, going off on whatever tangents and creating entirely new characters because, dammit, I want to! (Of course, make sure that you have an idea of what purpose they’ll serve, too.) Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. When you get everything set up before hand, it’s a game of dominoes, essentially, except that you have to make sure you keep writing. It tends to produce a neater, more cohesive narrative. Prematurely polished, you might say. Goedkope Nike Air Max 2017 Heren Writer’s Block is more of a “I don’t want to write”/”I don’t know how to write this particular part” than a “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing”. Of course, it contains elements of “I don’t know what to write”/”I don’t know how to write this particular part” as well. On the other hand, writing by the seat of your pants can produce a whole lot of dead ends. What you do is you go off on tangents and introduce new elements and characters and locales as you go along. Yes, that’ll make the writing process a sort of excitingly-spontaneous, “I don’t even know what’s happening next!” thing. And, on the other hand, it’ll make polishing a chore. There will be a LOT of fat you’ll have to trim, asides and tangents that didn’t work out. But quite a few people don’t like to work that way, meticulously working everything out in advance. At the risk of sounding/being hypocritical, I think it’s best to TRY to retain an idea of where you’re going. If you lack direction, it’s probably going to show and your work will come out as a jumbled mess. So, if you can, understand what your work is, and try to figure out how it’s going to end, and then try to get there. adidas sale uk The journey does not beat the destination, nor does the destination render the journey without meaning. Both are equally important. Moral of the story? When writing, do your own thing. Do whatever you can to get the writing on paper. Because if you’ve succeeded in writing something and finishing it, you’re already better than most of us, so bully for you. No, you don’t have to do it the way sponsored by the author of this article. If I said you did, I’d be defeating my own argument (a somewhat counter-productive activity, in my esteemed opinion). If you DO do it the way I do it, don’t be an ass. Don’t say that your way is the one, true way because when it comes to bringing forth creation from the bubbling primordial soup of the mind, the only way is the way that works for the individual. And that goes for you too, Guy-Who-Can’t-Seize-The-Moment. An alternative explanation for why I like to write this way is possibly because I’m just incredibly lazy. new balance 998 homme Knowing myself, this is not an unlikely theory.

Character Presentation 1: Dialogue

Old Guys Are The Best Kind Of Guys

Courtesy of Pedro Ribeiro Simões on Flickr.

  In this series of articles, I’ll be giving my rather-respectable opinion on how (I believe) that characters should be presented in fiction- currently with a focus on prose- and how to make presentation work in the constraints imposed by the media. To start, let’s talk about dialogue. It’s something that I find to provide the most fuel for criticism and/or nausea in a work of fiction, professional or amateur. mochilas kanken First, I’m going to start off with a recommendation. If you want to learn what REALLY good dialogue in a novel/written form looks like, go to the library or bookstore and find yourself a copy of Chaim Potok’s The Chosen. I think it won an award or something. For some reason. Point is, this book will help me communicate several things absolutely necessary to what I’m trying to say as it taught me what strong dialogue is. Air Jordan 13 Donna It’s also one of the few young adult novels that doesn’t make me want to commit suicide. But I digress. Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Backpack THE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (AMENDABLE IF NECESSARY) First, strong characterization. Know your characters. You should know them intimately. Or at least try to. But at the very least, make sure that you get a FEEL for your character and it should just go forward from there. Isolate what traits that a character holds that apply to the way they communicate. Take, for instance, an example from The Chosen. In the first part of the novel, the main character and a boxer are sharing the same room in a hospital, and I found their conversations to be extraordinarily enjoyable. The writing communicated the boxer’s strong accent not through vague association/description (“…”, he said with a Bostonian accent) but through phonetics- modifying the words and the flow of the words to make it sound like someone talking with an accent in your head, and it worked wonderfully. Furthermore, whenever he gets in a conversation, he usually finds some way to redirect it towards the way his manager screwed him over in the past. This helps communicate his inability to move forward because of his fixation on a past event that he thinks ruined his life. What did we learn here: Verbals tics, accents, figures of speech, speech patterns that reflect the character, and you need to understand that there is more than one response to even the simplest questions. Know which response that your character will give. Second, if you’ve seen how I like to do dialogue, I enjoy presenting dialogue in a way that’s conducive to its flow. Nike Air Max 1 Pas Cher When two people are talking, I do my best to minimize prose and only indicate who’s talking when it’s absolutely necessary and to prevent confusion. That dialogue flows really well, and it’s not wooden. Maglia LeBron James It looks and sounds like an exchange between two persons. Why? Because I do my best to focus on the words themselves, what’s being spoken. Prose and dialogue can work against each other, which is why dialogue tends to work best in visual, active media, such as television, movies, and video games, where both setting/visuals and dialogue are communicated to the audience simultaneously, taking advantage of both a person’s capacity for hearing and for viewing (should they possess those faculties- it is unfortunate that there are people who may only possess one or neither of these). This is the advantage of audio/visual mediums, in which visualization is mostly prefabricated by the author (considerably more-so than in writing). That being said, written creative works have their own advantages that audio/visual media lacks (and vice versa), but unnecessary, may be covered in a later article, and ultimately tangential- which brings us to my next point. To prevent a conversation from feeling wooden, make it organic, dynamic, flexible. There’s no “set-topic” to the conversation. Conversations are constantly naturally derailed by two or more personalities in dialogue with one another. Remember this: characters are dynamic. They are not simply talking heads disseminating information and bad one-liners unfit for the prose. A natural conversation is a mix of forced command/informative exchanges and stimulus-response. In other words, a conversation may start with a goal in mind, but responding to one comment or statement may bring to mind in a character an association that will bring them to a tangent. nike air max one soldes See, going off topic- when it happens, where it happens, how it happens, and in what direction it starts going- not only helps you show who the characters are, but it also reveals the dynamic between them. A great character dynamic, be it chemistry between a character and their romantic interest or the charged exchanges between protagonist and antagonist, involves each character bouncing off one another in a conversation. Bouncing off one another, going on these tangents, these are what make conversations fluid. It’s what differentiates a real conversation from two monologues with talking points spliced together into a dialogue. That said, keep in mind that there ARE structured, wooden conversations. Terse, unimaginative, to the point. zonnebrillen kopen ray ban Words practically stolen from Matty (Heyo!). But recognize that if your work’s dialogue is filled with those kinds of conversation, your audience isn’t going to be amused. At all. Only use these wooden conversations when necessary. Now I’m going to go ahead and contradict my second point. This point is probably personal preference. nike air max pas cher (Alliteration, let’s go!) But I like movies. I like a dramatic presentation- a stylistic panache. Something I’ve found that is extraordinarily helpful in regards to making the presentation of a character compelling and draw you in is how their words are juxtaposed with actions. nike tn requin Not “This is how he/she talks, this is how he/she acts.” More like what they do while they’re talking. It makes what you’re writing more… Cinematic? Example: ____ “What’s it mean? You get used to things?” “Pretty much, yeah.” The man retrieved a cigarette from a pack in his jacket pocket, placing it between his lips as he fumbled with a lighter. “Like killing?” He asked, the odd question punctuated by the snapping of his lighter and the ignition of the cigarette. “Like smoking?” He mumbled to himself bitterly in a quiet tone, rolling his eyes. “I beg your pardon?” ____ Now, for the same example reduced to a non-example: _____ “What’s it mean? You get used to things?” “Pretty much, yeah.” “Like killing?” He asked. “Like smoking?” He mumbled quietly to himself. “I beg your pardon?” _____ I’m personally of the opinion that the first excerpt is considerably more interesting to read. Not only do the actions described give you insight about the character, but they also give what you’re reading an interestingly-visual component. You can essentially create a sort of feeling usually found in a visual medium and transplant it into the written. However, it must be used conservatively, I think- this point has to be balanced with Point #2. A mix of pure dialogue and pure action. When you successfully combine both, you’ve got really compelling writing. Fjallraven Kanken Usually. That’s it for now. On my next article in this series I’ll be going into detail on how to construct or use slang and euphemisms to give your characters cultural identification, make them something the audience can relate to and lifelike, and to flesh out a mythos as a whole.

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With a little spit and polish, Le Guen can inspire Rangers

Unusually for an age in which internationalism in football has stripped foreigners of much of their former allure, Paul Le Guen arrived in Scotland still surrounded by a certain mystique.

This sense of exoticism about the French coach, successor to Alex McLeish at Rangers, would be heightened by reports of a singularly dedicated lifestyle that includes participation in an annual 150-mile race across the Sahara. In addition to his exceptional record of achievement at Lyon – three successive league titles and Authentic Prada Gauffre regular distinction in the Champions League – he is also, by common consent among his peers, smarter than the average manager.

In a recent conversation, for example, Sir Alex Ferguson said that ‘he is a very clever guy. He will make a difference at Rangers. New Balance 574 męskie He will have an impact.’

He will have to, after last season’s abysmal non-achievement, Authentic Prada Bags For Sale Philippines when the Ibrox team finished out of the top two in the league for the first time in 20 years, losing the serious financial fillip of Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Messenger Bag a place in Europe’s premier club tournament. Nolan Ryan Jersey Rangers were also eliminated in embarrassing fashion from the Scottish FA Cup and the League Cup by Hibernian and Celtic Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Outlet Online respectively.

Even this early in Authentic Prada Bags Outlet Online his tenure, however, there is evidence that at least partly justifies his reputation for single-mindedness and application of his intelligence. Nick Marshall Jerseys At the time of his appointment, media profiles suggested that one of his disadvantages in Scotland could be his lack of fluency in English.

He was said to have only a halting command of the language, one of the hindrances that often appeared to make Berti Vogts appear inflexible and unconvincing during his unhappy and unproductive time in charge of the Scotland team.

Le Guen has confounded those reports. While he is accompanied by an interpreter to assist him across the occasional linguistic obstacle, Black Prada Chain Bag his general articulacy hints at a man who has done some serious practising in the few months since he accepted the job.

And despite the colony of French players now at Ibrox, he was quick to insist that English would be the language of the dressing room. This would reassure supporters who might have been concerned about the possibility of the formation of cliques, such as those among Dutch players that were Authentic Prada Clutch said to have damaged morale at Rangers under McLeish’s predecessor, Dick Advocaat.

Le Guen’s reasonably pleasing start to the campaign – a 2-1 win away to Motherwell in which a number of scoring opportunities were squandered – was followed by his first encounter with the grumbling of dissatisfied fans in the 2…#8209;2 draw at home to Dundee United eight days ago.

The next day he was at the centre of a Best Prada Outlet In Florence headline-making incident, in which he was spat upon by a Celtic supporter while attending the Parkhead team’s match against Hearts at Tynecastle. When he recalled the moment on Friday, he seemed more surprised than disgusted and was the personification of diplomacy.

‘I just want to be respected, not necessarily liked,’ he said. ‘When I came here, I thought it would be a good idea to watch as many games as possible because it is my way of working. I was a little surprised by it, but it doesn’t make me think badly of Scotland.

‘It was only one person in a large crowd. Maglie Chicago Bulls I had been to Celtic Park before that to see their match with Amazon Uk Prada Shoes Manchester United and I was given a very good reception. There was not a problem. This kind of thing may have happened in France, but just didn’t appear in the newspapers. Amari Cooper Alabama Football Jerseys I mean, I didn’t call the papers last week to tell them.’

If the number of column inches devoted to the affair gave Le Guen his first experience of the attention paid to the Old Firm, his introduction to his own fans’ expectations the previous day may have been more discomforting.

Atonement for the lapse against Dundee United will be demanded on this afternoon’s trip to Dunfermline. Le Guen agreed that his newly assembled squad – featuring a number of young and comparatively inexperienced players – would require more rehearsal time, but he is astute enough to recognise that even less-than-perfect performances will have to deliver positive results.

‘With the number of chances we have failed to take in these last two matches, perhaps there is a lack of ruthlessness in our attack,’ he said. New Balance 446 damskie ‘And it is true of the defensive unit that they need time to become familiar with each other.

‘But they have to find a good way of defending in order to get results. asics femme pas cher When you have the number of opportunities we had against Dundee United and they Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Sale Uk are missed, you can become impatient and lose concentration. That is what happened with us.

‘We have several young players who will be in their under-21 national squads this week. Air Jordan 7 Uomo You cannot buy experience. Nike Air Max 2016 męskie But, although I know they need time to manage their game, we also need results, so I don’t want any excuses from them. We have to get it together straight away.

And don even get me started on the knee length

Eric “Sleepy” Floyd, guard, 1978 82: I remember [my] first practice, you had to go up to the track and everyone had to run a mile under a certain amount of time. asics femme pas cher And I remember running that mile and beating everybody by a large margin. wholesale jerseys from china Coach Thompson was sitting in his chair with his stopwatch, and when everybody finished, he said, “Everyone made it but Sleepy.” And at the time, I didn’t understand what he was doing. Cheap Jerseys china And don even get me started on the knee length mankini with a padded crotch that is the cyclist and can cost more than 100 each. James thinks I being deliberately provocative (I am) when I stare at shelf upon shelf of these adult babygros and ask me how many you wear at any one time? But at least his crap (sorry, kit) is confined to the garage and his gym. In the Heyes household, Jason requested a whole section of their new walk in wardrobe solely for cycling wear which of course does not crease, yet is resplendent on hangers, have the same area of space for all my shoes, laughs Sue, then he does like to look at himself in Lycra for several hours before he goes cycling.. nike air max 1 pas cher Cheap Jerseys china wholesale jerseys 5. Slaves: “It is absolutely modern day slavery,” said Shauna Dunlap, spokeswoman for the FBI’s Houston Division. “These people are being forced into labor or prostitution against their will. Maglia Michael Jordan Because the toy store is unique in its allure, it’s not the best place to do a spur of the moment stop in. Cullinan likes to prepare her kids for a trip by talking about it and figuring out what they’re going to buy sometimes they look at pictures online. “I drill it into my kids’ heads until they repeat it back to me that they’re not getting anything or we’re just getting one thing, if that’s the case,” she says. wholesale jerseys Cheap Jerseys from china So. Should we just accept this sort of thing as an inevitable part of our file sharing world? Can artists use others’ work without proper rights or even acknowledgement because they are more mainstream, and continue with their thriving careers? Philosophically I’d say no, but it does seem that we’ll see more of it in the future. One positive outcome: the controversy brought increased publicity to the well deserving trance artists Arty and Matt Zo, and probably to trance itself. Cheap Jerseys from china cheap nfl jerseys Every man wants a pair of hand sewn, quality jeans even if he doesn’t know it. And that service and expertise is what NOBLE Denim provides. nike air max goedkoop Each pair of jeans is handmade and tailored for the person who wears them. Then, when workers come in they naturally seek each other out to continue the multiple conversations that they have started. I call this the virtual hybrid model. I find the cubicle format to be restrictive and I can’t imagine being comfortable working like that every day.”. cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys free shipping Another guy already has the job Manziel covets and, apparently, is being groomed for. Cleveland must expect Hoyer to train the guy and coax another player for the gig he’s done everything to earn for himself. And they must expect every receiver, offensive lineman, and running back on that team to take a ticket in tutoring the kid.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping wholesale nfl jerseys Foran, who will go head to head with Thurston twice in the next three weeks with the Test in Newcastle on May 6, admitted he tries to adopt Thurston’s qualities into his game.”I watch him all the time. You just watch his ability to turn up on everything,” Foran said.”Everyone talks about that competitive nature, but it’s so true. Ray Ban pas cher I love watching him. Jon Lester Jersey wholesale nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys from china 9,929: Canadians who have completed the application to be on the youth advisory council. Let talk about how Canadian corporations have taken over the governments and had their tax rates dropped from a fair 30% down to 15%. nike air max 2016 goedkoop They promised with that $62 billion dollar tax savings would trickle down into better jobs and wages for Canadian workers. wholesale jerseys from china wholesale nfl jerseys from china This is also a case where the recession could actually work in FansEdge’s favor. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Rood Every recession has given rise to new retailing concepts that go on to become terrific growth stocks for several years beyond. If the integration of the B stores with the online store works and creates incremental traffic, then Dreams will have the ability to open multiple stores every year and expand the geographical footprint wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

Greenwood and Goff were in a real estate

Cops to quiz former Scotland star Garry O’Connor after designer gear is pinched from Harvey NicholsThe ex Hibs striker was identified by a member of staff at the posh Edinburgh department store who said they recognised him on CCTV footage. Share06:00, 29 NOV 2016Updated09:17, 29 NOV 2016Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailFormer Scotland striker Garry O’Connor is set to be quizzed by police after a high value theft from posh shop Harvey Nichols.The 33 year old last night admitted being in the Edinburgh department store when it is claimed designer gear was stolen last Friday morning.O’Connor a hero when he played for home town team Hibs was identified by a member of staff who said they recognised him on CCTV.O’Connor once starred for Lokomotiv Moscow, Scotland and HibsA source said: “He was recognised on the CCTV by a member of staff who knew him, around the area the theft occurred.”This was relayed to police who said they would be questioning him.”A police source said: “Garry O’Connor was identified in the shop and officers will be speaking to him about the incident.”The matter is still under investigation. fjallraven kanken backpacks uk It was reported by the store who discovered tags in a dressing room that had been removed from items.”It’s not known how many items were stolen.Hibs star in court rant after being found guilty of cocaine possessionA police spokeswoman said: “We are investigating a report of theft from a business premises on St Andrew Square, which took place around 10am on Friday, November 25 and inquiries are continuing.”O’Connor is currently the player manager of Lowland League side Selkirk. Cheap Jerseys free shipping Greenwood and Goff were in a real estate venture together, and Dynes said “it appears that Provost Greenwood may have been involved in Dr. Goff’s hiring to a greater extent than was appropriate, given that her business investment with Dr. Womens Air More Uptempo Goff had not been properly and fully resolved in accordance with conflict of interest requirements.”Greenwood’s son, James Greenwood, was also hired as a paid Senior Intern on the UC Merced campus. Fjallraven Kanken Cheap Jerseys free shipping wholesale nfl jerseys Battled cancer more that once. Lived with the horrors and tragedies of war. His nickname was “Hap”, short for Happy. Cheap Jerseys china Arrest made in deadly Edgewood home invasion, police sayA 20 year old man was arrested Tuesday after a deadly home invasion in Edgewood, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. cheap air jordans uk To a home on Martinez Drive near Del Rio Street. Asics Tiger damskie Avery Wheeler, 22, was found wounded inside the home and. nike air max pas cher wholesale nfl jerseys cheap jerseys Purely in terms of matchwinning ability Yuvi is an all time great. He has been there in all the 3 major event wins for India and it was no surprise that when India lost the 2015 ODI world cup in Australia, Yuvi was NOT there! Yuvi was NOT there in the ODI series that India lost in early 2016 in Australia. Buty Adidas Damskie Yuvi was THERE when India won the T20s in Australia where India won 3 0 in early 2016. nike air max nederland cheap jerseys wholesale jerseys It’s likely that companies like this are bent on improving stock performance. Take sunglass manufacturer Oakley, which released third quarter earnings this week. adidas ultra boost uncaged uomo Trailing 12 month sales exceeded $500 million for the first oakley fives squared review time and earnings per share grew 11%, but sunglass sales were sluggish and the company missed its earnings estimate by a penny. wholesale jerseys Cheap Jerseys from china Trespass You got to check the facts. These athletes get a FREE ride at the UM (tuition, room and board, access to all rec facilities, tutoring services, career counseling services, media and interview counseling, free medical, and best of all a good education for them to take advantage of IF they just make the effort). And The University of Michigan four year rolling average grad rate for athletes is 76 percent (I think I have that fact right?). Cheap Jerseys from china cheap nfl jerseys By stripping off all but the top stems and leaves, the plant forms more branches at the nodes where the stems I stripped off were. Gel Lyte Pas Cher As a result, my plants end up looking more like stout shrubs. And the final yields when I do let them bud without interference are higher than they would have been if I had not stripped off the first stems and leaves.” It is usually about the end of May when Uriah stops nipping off buds and leaves the plants alone to develop fruit cheap nfl jerseys.

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