Mpumlwana again said there was Canada Goose Online basis to

pull plug on Public Protector More inquiry

An inquiry into Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane will not go ahead, after ANC Members of Parliament in the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional canada goose coats Services shut down the process today.

From the beginning of canada goose factory sale the proceedings, MPs seemed to be on different pages.

Then, canada goose uk outlet the majority ANC caucus disagreed with all the opposition MPs that they had agreed, on October canada goose 10, to buy canada goose jacket cheap hold an inquiry into Mkhwebane conduct at a committee meeting.

ANC MP Canada Goose Jackets Madipoane Mothapo said they had only Canada Goose sale agreed to into the matter at portfolio committee level. Her colleague, Loyiso Mpumlwana, said they had to still decide if there canada goose clearance a need for an inquiry.

Committee chairperson Mathole Motshekga whose initial statement on cheap Canada Goose October 10 read: committee agrees to hold inquiry into request to remove public protector also backtracked, and agreed with canada goose store his ANC colleagues. Opposition MPs were not happy.

African Christian Democratic Party MP Steve Swart said it Canada Goose Parka was on record that the committee had decided Canada Goose online between setting up an ad hoc committee canada goose black friday sale to hold an inquiry, or whether to hold the inquiry themselves. canada goose uk black friday They had decided to Canada Goose Outlet hold an inquiry themselves.

Economic Freedom Fighters MP Sam Matiase said they already agreed to hold the inquiry.

Democratic Alliance MP Glynnis cheap canada goose uk Breytenbach said they needed canada goose uk shop to summon witnesses to deal with the merits of the case.

cannot stress enough the need to act rationally here. buy canada goose jacket That is something we learnt from the canadian goose jacket Nkandla judgment, she said.

Both Motshekga and ANC whip in the committee Makgathatso Pilane Majake shut down the objections. Motshekga said they only agreed to into the matter, and they must now decide if there was a basis, as per National Assembly Speaker uk canada goose Baleka Mbete referral to the committee.

Pilane Majake topcanadagoose said the DA was trying to push ideas about Mkhwebane. She said it was known the DA had never supported Mkhwebane, and had labelled her a spy during her interview process. Mpumlwana again said there was Canada Goose Online basis to discount the Public Protector work a year uk canada goose outlet into the job just because the Canada Goose Coats On Sale North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria set aside her report into the Absa/Bankorp bailout.

Swart however said that he had supported Mkhwebane during her interview. He therefore had axe to grind and canada goose clearance sale it was clear they now have prima facie evidence to hold an inquiry into her decisions.

ANC MPs had also conceded they had not received, and canada goose coats on sale therefore had not consulted, the annexures in the DA initial request to hold the inquiry, he said.

The matter was put to a vote, and the ANC used its majority, along with National Freedom Party MP Sibusiso Mncwabe, to throw the matter out by 6 votes to 4. The DA had promised court action during the meeting. News24.

Certain characters got canada goose jacket uk totally shafted

Fantasy Monthly Book Discussion Thread

Very happy with this month’s reading.The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie. This was truly excellent. Not quite as gut bustingly hilarious as Best Served Cold was (that descriptor was chosen very carefully), but still canada goose outlet in chicago funny, canada goose clothing uk and it had a lot more to say about the human condition. This is dark, and depressing, and more than a little bit pointless (but in a good way). Highly recommended.I’ve canada goose outlet shop also developed, before recommending anyone read Abercrombie, what I’ve termed the Tarantino Test. Think of scenes from your favorite Tarantino movie along the lines of the Crazy 88 or Marvin getting shot in the face. Were you unable to stop laughing while watching canada goose outlet new york city them? If so, I can promise you will enjoy Joe Abercrombie.Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Burdago. Six of Crows was quite good, and Crooked Kingdom was even better. These come the closest to canada goose outlet florida capturing the feel of The Lies of Locke Lamora than anything I’ve read not written by Scott Lynch. I particularly liked how Burdago faked me out in Crooked Kingdom. There were at least two occasions where I found myself anticipating the climax, looking forward to the satisfaction of seeing a beautifully wrought scheme come together with justice served and comeuppance for the bad guys, but THEN I noticed just how much of the book was left, and went, “oh shit.” Perils of e books. Crooked Kingdom is single city hardmode for Bingo.The Deathless by Peter Newman. canada goose outlet online reviews Was able to finagle an advanced copy of this, and it’s really intriguing. He’s got a definite style there’s lots of tonal and thematic similarities between this and the Vagrant trilogy but this was fresh and interesting. Not quite at the level of The Vagrant itself, canada goose outlet online uk but that’s canada goose outlet paypal hardly much of a criticism. Full thoughts can be read here. I’ll probably use this for reviewed on /r/Fantasy hardmode.Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. I’m using this for my god character hardmode square, and I’m ready to fight with anyone who is going to tell me that Sam doesn’t count. Science fiction and fantasy have always had a rather porous boundary separating them, and this floats canada goose outlet store calgary squarely in the middle. When you’ve got a being who is functionally immortal, with knowledge and power far outstripping those of regular folk, who never even imagine that the “gods” might be anything else, I say you’ve got yourself a god in every way that counts.This book is one I need to chew over for a while. I think I’ll give it a few canada goose outlet in canada months and then see if I can’t find it on Audible. I’m thinking about it a lot.Current read: Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe. Reading pace somewhat slowed by the fact that this book forced me (it really left me no choice) to borrow an old GameCube from a friend and start playing The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.One thing I particularly liked was how Zalazny shifted between different voices. I noticed this especially when the assassin of Kali turned canada goose factory outlet vancouver Buddhist fought with Yama: the description of the fight could have come straight out of the Iliad or Gilgamesh or any other old epic. Much of the book was written canada goose outlet winnipeg address like that, but then you have two of the First talking to each other and suddenly they slipping into modern American vernacular. I also appreciated how the First (those living in Heaven in particular) came to buy into their own mythology. For a long time I was canada goose outlet michigan turned off of reading the book due to the perception that the entire book is written in the very Gilgamesh style prose that you are referring to.One of the things that I remember is just how well Zelazny directed the entire book. The parts of the book were out of chronological order (except for the last one), but each is a step towards us learning something important about the world and people who populate it. But then, he never claimed not to count. Circumstances being what they were, neither admission could be of any benefit.TBH, I not sure if I count him or not in power level, he kind of more like a superhero than a god which maybe puts him in a similar category to canada goose outlet reviews something like Marvel Thor God in name (or implication), but with powers fueled by innate ability and advanced technology. OTOH, the same could be said for a lot of gods in fantasy it be hard to say Gaiman American Gods, or Pratchett Small Gods didn count, despite the god we see there being mostly pretty powerless, so on balance I say it should count.This was my first KJ Parker book and it was amazing. The writing, prose, characters, plot were all fantastic. This should be on everyone’s TBR because this book is seriously underrated. My only complaint is that some of the characters could have been more developed or gotten more attention, but these are minor complaints. Used it for my hard mode one syllable title card.Daughter of the Empire by Janny Wurts and Raymond E. FeistAfter seeing it recommended here for the hundredth time, I decided to get it a go. It was good, not great, some of the canada goose outlet uk situations seemed a little easy or obvious canada goose outlet store montreal for Mara to overcome, but whatever. I was surprised how brutal canada goose outlet online store the Tsurani world was, especially considering how family Canada Goose Outlet friendly Magician: Apprentice was. Mara casually putting slaves to death, people committing suicide for blas things, her dick of a husband, things tended to get real. Used it for my non western canada goose outlet uk sale setting card.The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble’s Braids by Michael McClungGood, fun urban fantasy with a snarky protagonist in a secondary world. Used it for my set in a single city in a secondary world card.Magician: Master by Raymond E. FeistI was surprised how much I liked Apprentice, but this was a total slog. Certain characters got canada goose jacket uk totally shafted, the whimsical nature of the first was completely absent, any conflict was solved with with the magic of Deus ex machina with no consequences after, I had to force myself to finish this.Currently reading Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw, and so far I’m finding it very enjoyable and unique (the MC is a doctor in London to the city’s supernatural denizens). I’m going to try and canada goose jacket outlet toronto get back into the Wheel of Time sometime next month, and hopefully I’ll get more reading done.

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cheap jordans ebay Mumford and Sons brought their new, electric, rock album ‘Wilder Mind’ to the intimate cheap Air max shoes and subtle cheap jordans online surroundings of The O2 Arena this week and it was a celebration of change. The new album has added a brand new dimension cheap jordans sale to the band’s live set and has ensured they are the cheap jordans china most exciting cheap jordans for sale live band in the world right now. cheap jordans ebay

cheap jordans 11 for sale Kicking off with the sublime Snake Eyes, which is tailor made for an opening number, with its slow burning, electric guitar led energy before flying into the absolutely gigantic I Will Wait, those who were unsure cheap jordans shoes as to how the new songs would fit alongside the ‘classics’ were too busy singing along, arms aloft, to even notice. This was an exhibition in live performance and the band, supported by an array of incredibly talented musicians (including a Noah and the Whale member.), have created an almost perfect set. cheap jordans 11 for sale

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cheap and real jordans After a beautiful mini set on a stage next to the sound desk using just one microphone which, if you were standing close by, must’ve sounded and looked incredible, it was time to Mumford to offer one last set of proof as to their live show credentials. An unexpected and impressive cover of cheap yeezys Mr Bruce Springsteen was followed by the war cry that is Little Lion Man an undoubted highlight of the evening cheap and real jordans.