Hortorian is back!

Hortorian is back!

And welcome, or welcome back, everyone! For those completely new new-comers, Hortorian shut its doors on August 20th 2011, after a broadly successful one and a half year run. adidas neo 10k męskie The reasons for its closure are many – hacking, drama, slowly declining activity – but above all, I needed a break. Hortorian had accomplished a lot, but the end of the road had been reached. Afterwards, I vowed not to run another forum again. And this vow is one that I’ve technically kept. Scott Kazmir Authentic Jersey Hortorian is back, but this time I’m not in the one in charge. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren In fact the only reason I’m writing this opening post is for nostalgia’s sake. nike air max 1 goedkoop This isn’t the only difference between the old and the new. The gulf between the staffing team and the membership is going to be abolished, and we’re looking for newer and more innovative ways to showcase our art and writing. Nike Baratas This is pretty much our content hub, where articles about art, writing, the universe and everything will be published. Hortorian has a dedicated content-writing team, to provide you with everything form the super-serious to the witty. Air Max 2016 Sale The Hortorian Coffeehouse is pretty much our community forum, and the choice of name is pretty significant. The goal is to provide a friendly, laid-back atmosphere where writers and artists can network and share their creations. Although rules regarding content and respect apply and will be enforced, there is no formal moderating staff. New Balance 997 hombre ReWrite is the biggest single development in this new incarnation, though it’s yet to be publicly released. Denard Robinson College Jerseys I can’t tell you much about it yet, because the developer is a convicted serial killer who’s escaped death row, and will murder me in my bed if I breath a word.* But trust me, it will be cool! I really hope you enjoy this new incarnation! A lot of work has gone into it, and as with all evolving projects, a lot of work still has to be done. air max pas cher But right now, I’m off to grab a mug of tea from the Hortorian Coffeehouse! You’re more welcome to come for one too! :)   *May or may not be true.

  • Evan

    “Mug Of Tea”

    I believe the keyword for “Hortorian Coffeehouse” is COFFEE.

    Somebody burn this heathen alive.

    • Fiachra

      But I don’t drink coffee. :(

      • Evan

        Which is exactly why you need to die.

      • Beth

        I’m British and even I prefer coffee.

        • Beth

          Annnd I bet exactly nobody knows who I am from that comment :3

          • Evan

            If by “Nobody” you mean “everybody”, then I agree.

          • Martin

            I’m afraid you’re a bit too infamous to be unknown, Beth.

          • Shawn

            Oooooh, it’s Beth.

            Do I get a reward now?

          • Eibhs

            I’ll have a cup of earl grey tea from the Hortorian Coffeehouse to celebrate ;-)

  • Survival

    “Although rules regarding content and respect apply and will be enforced”

    Wait, you guys are actually going to start applying rules about respect and content…? :awesome:

    • Fiachra

      It’s basically an excuse for Evan to declare himself Dictator for Life.

      • Evan

        “For Life”.

        And Beyond, Fiachra. Dictator For Life And Beyond.

  • Matty

    You people talked this much?

    • Crouching Moron

      On the Horty blog? No, but then all of those articles were rather serious–this is just in fun. Let’s see how many people besides me actually bother to comment on the editorials.