I identified myself as a reporter for the Freeman and told

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I went in Tuesday morning and spoke with Branch Manager Bettina Musumeci, who I later learned has been with the bank for less than a month. I identified myself as a reporter for the Freeman and told Musumeci I done a story about counterfeit money that had run in that day paper. I also told her I was there to get my son $100, not to write a story.

I’m an ambassador for the Make a Wish Foundation and I just became an ambassador for GirlUp, a new United Nations Foundation initiative. I’ve also partnered with One Kings Lane for their jetsetters sale on December 2, which benefits Edeyo, a Haitian based charity I’ve been involved with. I’ve also shot a documentary called “Haiti: Hunger and Hope,” which sheds light on the issues plaguing the country and I’ve just created a new film called “Dreams Are Not Forgotten,” which will premiere on December 2 at Art Basel in Miami, also benefiting the Edeyo foundation.