Introducing Rewrite

Introducing Rewrite

Hey all,

I’m excited to introduce you all to Rewrite today – the next step for Hortorian and anyone who would like to use it. So what is it? The quick and simple way to think of Rewrite is as a dedicated web version of The Old Typewriter offering a richer, dedicated experience.

The gist of it is I’ve made a dedicated web editor like Google Docs that you can write in, or just copy/paste in, or upload your content (still working on that one) and then with the click of the publish button, offer you a web presence for your content including ratings, reviews, commenting, social sharing, ebook downloads for your work, and probably some other things as I get to them one by one.

On the reading side, we’ve got a nice content browser that allows you to drill down through form, genres, and various sorting arrangements such as most popular, most recent, etc.. to easily find content you like. Additionally, we’ve got a library section that allows you to follow and add work to keep track of when updates happen as well as automatically remembering where you left off reading.

Wrapping this all together, I’m working on a points system to allow authors to earn points at custom exchange rates for people reading their work (page by page) and allow readers to earn points (to pay for content) by being active in the community by reviewing, rating, critiquing, and more.

Right now, the private alpha of the site is being launched for testing and debugging with gradual roll-out for the whole member base over the coming months, before a public launch over the holidays this year.

If you’re interested in helping out with the site, let me know!

Alright, I’ll shut up and leave you with pretty screenshots – all are from the working private alpha as of today. (You can click if you want full res versions.)

The main page


The registration page

The online editor


The editor browser showing all your content.

The content browser

An example webpage for a story.