The trooper ordered him to the ground and he complied

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And so Davis did what any law abiding citizen would do: She contacted NASA directly to see if they could help her sell these artifacts in a legal manner, thus allowing her to care for her family (or at least not go too horribly into debt). Only, instead of helping her out, NASA immediately assumed she was some kind of space criminal trying to illegally sell these things. Why they thought a person directly contacting the very people a criminal would want to hide from was trying to pull one over on them, we’ll never know.

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Prestigious award presented by local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter.Tuesday evening, over 100 people from Glastonbury and surrounding towns filled the social hall of the First Congregational Church. Excitement filled the air as State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni would soon be presenting on the long journey home of Buffalo Bill’s Traveling Wild West Show performer Albert Afraid of Hawk. The Historical Society of Glastonbury’s (HSG) presentation kicked off, as most do, with HSG Executive Director Jim Bennett’s highlights of the society’s announcements, recent accomplishments and upcoming events.

Various research institutes and pharma companies are conducting rigorous research for development of aptamers cancer treatment. Numerous companies have invested heavily in aptamers drug development. AptaTargets a Spanish biopharmaceutical company raised over US$ 3 million in funding in May 2017.