They want to encourage us to put down the iPhone and pick up a

I was blown away by this amazing idea. They want to encourage us to put down the iPhone and pick up a novel while traveling on public transport. Right after the shooting, Marquez called his mother to say he was safe but that he wouldn’t be coming home, neighbor Lorena Aguirre said. He later checked into a mental health facility..

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The bishops responded angrily and publicly to the policy, putting the administration on the defensive. Republicans soon joined the chorus, as did some Catholic Democrats in Congress. The foregoing policies reflect the genuine philosophical views of the president and attorney general. Collectively, they are not a surprise to any interested observer: Both men have devoted their professional lives to furthering the reach of an ever intrusive federal government.

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The ’70s being the sartorial nadir for men, when powder blue or lime green polyester suits, Nehru jackets and the Che Guevara street rebel look reigned. Yet there was Pete, standing in the newsroom in perfectly pressed khaki trousers, a button down white shirt, a hand tied striped rep bow tie and a blue blazer with shiny brass buttons..

We should remember not only what crime has wrought but also the progress that has been made for crime victims over the years. Here in Maryland, victims have the right to be present in court, to apply for compensation, to be heard at parole and sentencing hearings, to be notified when offenders are released, and to receive information about their rights and available services..

DerrethIn the Howard County Sun, dated Feb. 16, Charles A. Like Dickens, he is fascinated by the business of the law. He exhibits an insider’s knowledge of courtroom proceedings and a feel for the everyday lives of judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, not to speak of the criminals around whom everything in those courtrooms revolves.

MGM Resorts International announced last week that it would partner with the Peterson Cos. To build a $800 million casino and resort at National Harbor in Prince George’s County if the state allows table games and slashes the tax rate on slots proceeds from 67 percent to 52 percent.

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Now Labor Day is celebrated by people who call unions counter productive as well as by the union members converging on Washington to make the point that labor is still the bottom line. New battle lines are being drawn over the meaning of ”competitiveness” in a world thrown topsy turvy by rapid industrialization in the Far East, jet speed delivery of products across vast distances, instant, world wide communications.

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