Treat themAsk a pharmacist for an appropriate treatment and for

As Hunter brought the.308 up, thought, a breath and get a good clean shot. He fired, the deer took off. Hunter texted his dad, then called him when he didn respond. Lice can’t jump or fly but they can crawl from head to head when they touch. Only treat those who have live lice.Scabies Scabies are teeny weeny spidery mites that burrow under the top layer of your child’s skin and lay eggs, which then hatch into more scabies.Spot themYour child will have intensely itchy, red bumps, often between his fingers and toes or behind his knees. The itching tends to get much worse at night.Treat themAsk a pharmacist for an appropriate treatment and for advice on using it properly.Keep them awayTreat the whole family at the same time or you’ll re infect each other.

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