Where an explosible dust cloud is expected to be present for

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General principles of assessment and hazardous area classification3. The risk depends on the probability of an explosible dust cloud or layer of combustible dust being present. Where an explosible dust cloud is expected to be present for long periods of time the area concerned is classified as Zone 20.

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The MAC Manual Part I, 2002 edition, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Microbiology Advisory Committee to Department of Health. Sterilization, and Cleaning of Medical Equipment: Guidance on Decontamination from the Microbiology Advisory Committee to Department of Health.Dry heatDry heat sterilisers offer another method of sterilisation, which is effective provided that the steriliser has an automatic controller that will ensure that appropriate temperatures are achieved throughout the load. Temperatures must be maintained for the duration of the sterilising time and required conditions are as follows:.

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In the third round of interviews most blood was collected as dried blood spots (n=1530). These were tested with a screen ELISA (Genscreen) and positive results were confirmed with a second ELISA (Vironostika). Participants were not given a choice of the method of blood collection, which was chosen purely on fieldwork logistics.

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